Men’s pants colors you need to have

Pants are one of the most important clothes in the men’s wardrobe, however men usually use the tradicional colors, blue and black. So today I’m here to show the men’s pants colors you need to have in your wardrobe.

Light blue pants

I’m not talking about any kind of light blue pants, but the light blue jeans. It’s basic, classic and super stylist and all men need to have one to wear on a daily basis. It’s a wild piece of clothing that goes with everything. It has a very informal aesthetic and fits many styles.

Dark blue pants

In this option there are more variations of pieces starting from jeans, chino and traditional tailoring. This option has a more formal aspect, although if you know how to compose a more laid-back ensemble, it will fit in well in informal surroundings.

Black pants

Black pants are the most versatile and unrestricted regardless of the fabric. They fit well in more formal, informal, laid-back and classic looks, and can be inserted along with colors and prints or in all-black compositions.

Military Green pants

A color option that never goes out of style, remaining a great option since its arrival, as well as being a chance to dare leaving traditional colors behind.

You like theses options? What’s your favorite? Tell me here and share with your friends.