#PrideMonth – Safest countries for LGBTQIA+

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In order to continue the themes about the Pride Month, I’m here to show you what’s the safest countries in the world for LGBTQIA+

We know that Brasil is not a safe place if you are a LGBTQIA+ and now a days we have a government that share a lot of hate for all of us, because of this who have a good conditions and money leave this country in order to live in a safest place.

The classification of a country as safe for the LGBTQIA+ community takes into account the following requirements:

  • legalization of same-sex marriage;
  • right to adoption;
  • laws to protect and protect worker;
  • rights for trans people;
  • intersex rights;
  • criminalization of violence and intolerance against LGBTQI+ people.


Number one, containing anti-discrimination laws, legalization of marital union, permission for adoption, recognition of trans rights, LGBT marketing – in addition to not having, in general, none of the negative aspects, such as travel restrictions for HIV-positive people, religious influence, intolerance and others .


Although the country is not in the top 5 of Spartacus’ list, the country has legalized same-sex relationships since 1972, and it also allows marriage, adoption, and anti-discrimination laws. However, until 2019, sterilization in transgender people was mandatory.


Listed third in the ranking, Sweden has the same aspects as Canada, in addition to having an excellent Human Development Index of 0.945 (data from the year 2019).


As in Finland, relations between LGBTQI+ have been legally recognized since 1972, in addition to having specific laws against intersex discrimination. They also allow marriage, adoption, as long as the couple is officially joined by law.


The relationship between LGBT+ people has been allowed since 1940, in addition to containing laws on trans rights, intersex, anti-discrimination, allowing marriage and adoption. Marketing to LGBTQI+ audiences, however, is not legally required.


With almost the same criteria that Iceland has, the oceanic country is in the thirteenth line of the ranking, having the difference that trans cannot serve in the army.

The list also includes other countries such as Malta, Austria, Argentina, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom, Uruguay, Denmark, Germany, Portugal, Colombia and Switzerland in the dark green band, which indicates the most LGBTQI+ friendly territories possible.

If you are think about to travel or moving to another country, I suggest you to check this list and consider all the point.

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