Where to stay in Zagreb?

Hi guys!

If yoIf you entered this post at random, I’m doing a series on Zagreb. At the post Next stop, Zagreb I was talking about why a choose to came to this city and some good stuffs to make you go there too. But on this posts I gonna talk about a good question Where to stay in Zagreb?

When you go to another city or country you need to stay in a good, safe and nice place, in preference paying low prices, and my suggestion is – stay in an Airbnb.


Probability you know what is Airbnb, but if you don’t I tell you. Is a website where you can book rooms, apartments, houses, hotel room or a hostel space. Yeah, there are several options for you to choose where you want to stay. Open https://www.airbnb.com.br/ create an account and start your search to you best place to stay.

Airbnb homepage

In Airbnb you can search a place using filters to select the best option for you, for exemplo, you can only see place with air-conditional, or laundry machine, or places for long trips, in downtown, outskirts or wherever you want.

Mansion Hallenbach

When I decided to go to Zagreb I did everything I mentioned above, and the universe send me to an amazing place, The Mansion Hallenbach. If you try to search using this name you not gonna find anything because I created this name from the last name of my hostler Alex Hallenbach.

Door of the room

The house in a big one if tow floors, downstairs lived Alex and his lovely girlfriend Petra and I was upstairs. In the house you have space to cook, rest, wash you clothes, feel the fresh air at the balcony or just stay at the big room.


Mansion Hallenbach is next to the most famous park at Zagreb, The Park Maksimir, close to downtown, supermarket, coffee shops and in a good localization to get train or bus to go to the museums, churches or shopping mall.

Alex Hallenbach is one of the most polite and receptive person I’ve ever met. Always available to help, teach or just spend a nice time. He helps me with the trains to go downtown, where I could bought cheep food and a lot of stuffs I asked him.

The place smells of history, some objects that make up the bedroom furniture are heirlooms from the Hallenbach family.The bed, the mirror and the chest are pieces from the last century and make the room very special. On the balcony you have an incredible view with trees and can enjoy the sunrise and sunset.

Click here to book Mansion Hallenbach

The Chest
The balcony view


me, my mother, Petra and Alex

If you want to go to Zagreb, you should research to a good place, with good people to help you, see what do you need to a better trip and how to make it easy to spend this days of out you home. Airbnb is too safe for rent a place, I suggest you to talk with you hostler and discovered the place before arrive to make you days more easy. I love my days at the Mansion Hallenbach, Alex and Petra are incredible humans and found new friends there for my hole life. You should go to Zagreb.

And you, have already use Airbnb? What was your experience? Tell me and if you want to see more photos open my instagram profile @rodrigirao15.

Next Stop, Zagreb

Hi guys.

Everybody knows that I love to travel and discovered new places and If you follow me on instagram you have already saw some stories I had made in Zagreb, Croatia. I spent some days in the capital of Croatia to relax and discover this amazing city. Let’s start, next stop, Zagreb!

Croatian Society of Fine Artists

Why Zagreb?

All of my friends asked me, why Zagreb? In the middle of coronavirus pandemic most of the countries are closed with you are flying from Brazil. I had been working in Home Office since 2019 and it had been a long time since I went on vacation to take a long trip and be able to really rest and recharge my energy. I made a research and saw the it was possible to travel to Croatia, was open for turism. In the middle of my researches I saw a lots of stuffs about the country on Google and see how beautiful is Zagreb. That’s when I decided, next stop, Zagreb!


What to do before flight?

Make a internacional trip it’s not easy, in pandemic times, very difficult but I needed that trip.

The first step was check all the rules and papers I needed to travel and than decided when I will be flight, so let’s make the check list. When you choose to travel to Europe you will need I passport, round-trip tickets, health insurance, PCR-Test and money. The passport must be valid for more than 6 months after the return date, so check the dates of you passport.

At the airport, on the Emigration they will ask you the day you will arrive back to Brazil, so buy both tickets and think about how many days you want o stay because of the follow itens.

The number of days you want to stay abroad will determine how many days you have to buy for the heath insurance and how much money will you have to take. The heath insurance need to start at the day you departure and finish when you arrive at Brazil, so think about this for not have problems and you need to check about money too.

Each country determines a minimum amount of money for each day you will stay in the country. So it’s important to get some money with you to show in the Emigration in case of they ask you to see the real money.

About Zagreb

Zagreb is the capital of Croatia with 806,341 of population. Although it is a big city, Zagreb is not like São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro, in this case, we have a calm, peaceful and clean city. And when I say clean I mean not finding garbage on the streets.

The water is drinkable and fresh from several sources around the city. People living in Croatia are proud of their water and offering tourists to fill their water bottles.

Park Zrinjevac

When you are at the town you have some squares in downtown with green areas and others with water sources creating scene to take a lot of pictures. There ares beautiful churches, the most famous St. Mark’s Church where there is a colorful mosaic on the ceiling.

St. Mark’s Church

If you are looking for a place to travel in a different way of the normal routes, Zagreb should be your place. I really like the city, the people and the weather. I felt very safe and welcomed by the local people, they are very welcoming and try to help you. I visited some beautiful areas and saw greatest squares and parks and churches, everything was perfect. I want to go back there someday.