Blog: summary and trajectory

If you had asked me what Mundo do Ro was some time ago, I would have answered that it was a blog about culture and technology used as a final project for the course on Social Communication Jornal – Journalism.

By repeating this question to me today I decided to rewrite the blog’s about tab and I tell you guys that I’m Mundo do Ro and this blog is me too, it’s like an extension of me only q in texts, videos and social media versions.

Since the beginning of the blog in 2013, during the entire period of college it has changed, until today. There were several changes in layout, content type and the like. Today this blog is where I write about my opinion and vision of the world of culture without leaving a space for me to write my daydreams, within the blog Mundo do Ro, a space called Blog do Ro more intimate and personal within the site.

In addition, this blog aims to show that journalism can be done outside the traditional media, allowing my internet readers to feel closer to news and journalistic texts, as never before.

I hope you like this blog, the content I produce here, and that we can create a connection between you there on this side of the screen with me here on this side of the screen, and that you also help this project to continue and work by sharing the contents, spreading among friends, commenting on posts and following me on social media @rodrigirao15

Kisses, welcome everyone to my world, welcome to the Mundo do Ro.


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Here is a space designed to describe who I am and make you like me, but I’d rather say that I’m a bit crazy, sentimental, my sign is scorpion and they say I’m jealous, but I disagree with that.

I’m a classical piano graduate, something not very common for my age, I like series, I’m geek and passionate about 4 things: dark chocolate, art, events and clothes (don’t say I’m futile, please).

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