Movie Tip – The thing about Harry

What’s up residents from Ro World, are u ok?

I’m here to bring you a super cute movie that will make your little hearts warm with love, I’m talking about the movie The Thing About Harry, a super cliché novel made with an impeccable soundtrack.

Plot of The Thing About Harry

Sam and Harry studied together in high school a phase that was not very good for them and that brought back very bad memories throughout history. Sam has understood himself as gay since high school, while Harry couldn’t quite understand himself. It is on a trip to their mutual friend’s wedding that Sam talks to Harry about what happened at school and the heartaches. Something comes up to everyone’s surprise, Harry says he’s pansexual.

Sam doesn’t understand anything and while they spend the night in a hotel on the road, they talk and Harry opens up saying he was envious of Sam to see all the maturity and confidence in being who he is since his high school days.

Harry apologizes to Sam for the pranks and for everything he did wrong to Sam, and the conversation seems to make Sam look at Harry with new eyes.

Days pass and they meet at another party, and they continue to meet, and they start to get closer in an incredible way. They create a friendship to be proud of.

Everything is going well until Harry meets Sam with an older boyfriend and the jealousy is clear in his eyes. On the same night Sam breaks up with the artist and stays at the table with Harry and some friends and the night is unforgettable. And we felt a bit tense between them because Sam always said that “good friends should never have a relationship as this could jeopardize the whole friendship if dating doesn’t work out”

However that’s not what Harry thinks, he begins to fall more and more in love with Sam, even tries to date Sam’s best friend to create jealousy and this drives them away for a long time. And then Stasia invites them to her wedding without Sam knowing of Harry’s presence and there things start happen.

It is in this marriage that the first kiss took place, from this day onwards there are meetings and disagreements, love and discussions.

Analyzing The Thing About Harry

I see something very important in the film, the issues of discovery and rediscovery of Sam from when he meets Harry again, the period when they drift apart, the various guys that Sam tries to get involved until Stasia’s wedding.

Sam was very shy, closed to the world and Harry is a fluid and adventurous person, but they both feel a lot of love and companionship for each other, take care of each other, understand and complement each other.

Despite all the cliché stereotypes and a light plot, friendship issues are posed as important agendas, not just wanting sex but something permanent, until the end they decide to be together.

Their careers and how their sexuality interferes, as Sam works with politicians. Issues about adoption, work pressures, and social goals are also addressed and questioned in very subtle ways.

I really liked this movie and I recommend it to everyone who enjoys a cute and clichéd romance.

If you’ve already watched it, tell it here, if not, go watch it and come back here to give your opinion.

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