#PrideMonth – Genderless Fashion

June is the month of LGBTQIA + pride and when we talk about this we have to remember the victories and achievements throughout all those years of struggles have passed.

Since 1969 a lot of time have been passed and a lot of thing had change, including on fashion.

And I could not pass up an achievement that has been pioneered for some years, fashion without gender.

We have a great symbol for genderless fashion, Harry Style. He have been wearing a lot of clothes inside of the genderless kind.

Genderless Fashion

Is a fashion made for human no matter if you are a boy or a girl, this type of fashion is for everybody and it have started with the boyfriend pants. The man can wear a skirt, walk in pink, choose a floral print, dress up, take care of himself, love himself. Women wearing baggy pants and baggy shirts are no less feminine because they don’t have a marked waist or a face full of makeup.

Unissex is not Genderless

When we are talking about genderless fashion we are talking a type of clothes that break all the rules for a
standard male and female, this discussion pass through blue and pink and stops in a style made for everyone, the parts aren’t made for man or woman, they are made for human.

Neutral Gender

Imagine that you walk into a store and buy what to do or dress well. This is the possibility in a gender neutral place, everyone can wear clothes that fit.

The idea of this gender neutral fashion is that there is no separation of sexes, with the consumer being able to choose and buy any piece that pleases him, without this choice defining him as a male or female person.

In practice, the genre fashion points to the creation of collections with style, cut, history and quality that do not lead to a gender orientation, but that these creations say something about the personality of the final consumer.

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