Yellow Ribbon – Setembro Amarelo

September 10 is the World Suicide Prevention Day, and in Brazil September is the month where we talk about suicide prevention and mental health. Around the world they use the Yellow Ribbon to talk about this campaign and in Brazil there is Setembro Amarelo.

I would like to ask permission to talk about this subject even though I am not a health professional, psychologist, psychiatrist or psychoanalyst. It’s too important for me this month and will make me feel better if I can help someone with this text.

Life is hard. The world is cruel. People have been losing their hope. We know, but we need to be strong in order to survive this war. Augusto Cury said, “No one can hurt you more than you can hurt yourself”

People don’t like to talk about this topic, me neither, every time I see, say or write something about suicide, I cry because I think how depressed and hurt a person can be to end their own life. However is very important discuss about it and help people get through this,

Life is so short, don’t lose you time paying attention in other opinion, we are not able to please everyone. There will always be someone to criticize or judge anything. And if you give attention for them, they will feel strong to hurt others.

We have been pass through hard times, the Coronavirus Pandemic put us in bad situation and self-isolation, so it’s time to spread and share positive energy, good vibes and tell that we survive of this. We are strong to don’t listen bad comments.

Be yourself, be proud of who you are, you are the only one and nobody can be you.

Don’t keep inside you bad feeling, if you are not ok, ask for help, talk with someone you trust. I think there should be good organization in your town prepared to give you a positive word. Please, don’t feel weak about seeking help from therapists or other mental health professionals. Weakness is doesn’t be honest with yourself and lie to yourself that everything is ok.

We are human, we feel afraid, loneliness, insecurity and this makes us unique and gives us the ability to evolve and grow. Let’s make this world a better place, let’s share love and kindness.