#PrideMonth – Welcome to Valley -Ep 1

What’s up everyone.

I’ve already said it here, but it’s always worth repeating that in June, the LGBTQIA+ Pride is celebrated. For this reason, I’m producing several special content to commemorate this very important date.

One of these content will start in June and will continue for the next ones, which is the Welcome to the Valley, videos in which I will talk about sexual orientation, gender identity, prejudice and then issues that you have doubts.

As usual, the videos are in a conversation format and always in a simple and straightforward language to make it easier for everyone to understand.

Then check out the first video of Bem Vindo ao Valley.

Leave here in the comments what you think of the video and send me on instagram DIRECT any doubts and questions you may have.

2 thoughts on “#PrideMonth – Welcome to Valley -Ep 1

  1. Parabéns Ro pelo post. A matéria está incrível e o seu blog tbém! Post objetivo e de fácil entendimento. Estou amando os conteúdos e o blog como um todo. Ansioso para os próximos. 🥰❤️

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